LUMI Photography calls Sacramento, California home, but we'll gladly travel where your story takes you. 

We're a two person team, Lindsay & Mandy. We started LUMI eight years ago after Lindsay got her photo degree at Sacramento State University with a Fine Art emphasis and Mandy at Brigham Young University with a Commercial background. 

Lindsay is pretty much every one's favorite person and I've got mad photo and karaoke skills. Together, we are unmatched in our craft. No other photography team comes close to capturing the moments and details we provide to our clients. 


We both discovered photography in our teens, graduated university with photography degrees, and happily suffered through all of the roommates and ramen. We met and fell in love as professional photographers and can understand each other like only photo nerds can. We're both exceptional photographers individually, but as soon as we start shooting together, the gloves come off, and the battle of who gets the best shot begins. 

LUMI stands for "Like yoU Mean It"-love like you mean it, laugh like you mean it, live like you  mean it. The images we capture are amazing because they are the in-between moments when you think nobody is watching-when you do something so sweet, so lovely, so fun, and so beautiful. These are the moments we live for. 

Capturing people's personalities in gorgeous light is what makes LUMI Photography the best. Also being able to create magical photos with details, children, ceremonies, and dance parties might make us a little magical.