Ilford FP4 Plus 125

In 2015, when Debbie and Larry gave me an old Mamiya C3 camera for my birthday, I didn't know what I was going to do with it. I hadn't picked up a film camera in so many years and I was really nervous. Don't get me wrong-I was over the moon to have it. I got so excited and wanted to shoot right away, and then realized I didn't have a clue how to load it. Larry is a high school photo teacher and lovingly instructed me.

I put a roll of black and white film in the camera and toted it around until I saw something worth shooting. Inspiration hit me right around 11pm, in Vegas, in my favorite hotel, the Mandarin Oriental. Ugh-you know where this is going. Vegas. 11pm. Nobody is sober at that time. And was I carrying a tripod with me. Of course not. So, I'm tipsy and handholding this camera. I breath in and hold my breath...and realize I haven't cocked the shutter. Breathe in and I try again. It would be a miracle to get a focused image in these conditions. Hold my breath...I forgot to wind the film. Hold my breath...cock the shutter...SHIT! Hold my

You can imagine I didn't have the highest hopes that these images would turn out. I mean, c'mon-it had been so long and it was film. I couldn't see anything I was doing. I was guessing all night at my exposures and I haven't looked at a meter in who knows how long. So, like anyone with a huge ego, I waited to send them in to be developed. Two years. I couldn't handle them turning out terribly. 

After the WPPI trade show this year, I did it. I love The Find Lab and Richard Photo Lab and tossed a coin to see who I'd test with first. Richard it was. I sent them in and immediately called to explain to the office staff why my photos might be the worst they'd ever seen. I begged them not to laugh. I am after all, quite fragile.

I got the scans back today and LOOK!!! They are awesome. Just what I wanted the photo to look like (as tears well up in my eyes...really, tears). Feels a little like magic. To be fair, they didn't all turn out this good, but this wall at the Mandarin-I'm in love. 

FRESHbash Themes

Deep, rich hues + gold was a hit at the FRESHbash this year. Haven't been to the party? You should definitely go next year (buy tickets and get in line early because the swag-bags go to the first hundo and are so worth it). FRESHbash is an event held at Beatnik Studios celebrating all that is genius surrounding the wedding world. Most of the guests are vendors hanging out to meet other creatives and get new ideas. The signature cocktails and beautifully tasty treats are just a bonus. I had a hay-day photographing everything. Shown here is about 2% of what I loved.

This year, there was an outdoor tent to welcome all of the guest. Beerfloats, a live band, and the finest rentals a girl could hope for were there to welcome everyone. The theme was soft and lovely with greens, whites, and splashes of rose gold and navy. Genius.

I mentioned the swag-bag earlier, but one mention just wouldn't do it justice. I had to take photos of my favorite bits. Beautiful, useful, thoughtful, and delicious. I feel so lucky to have been a part of this years celebration.

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New Templates for Save-the-Dates

We just got our hands on these templates for Save-the-Dates and I LOVE them! (Click on photos above to see full frame.) We can design them for you, or you can tell us which photo is your favorite and we'll plug it into each design.

The two love-birds featured are Janelle and David. We went to their pad in Rocklin to get the engagement session started, stopped at a really cool coffee shop, and ended up by the fire pit at the Fountains. Check the LATEST for more photos from their session.

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Apple Hill for the Holidays

I had no idea we could get fresh, hot doughnuts at Apple Hill or I would have made the trip sooner! Our good friends Lynne and Enrique invited us on their family excursion to cut down a Christmas tree, something they do every year and something I've never done before. It was a beautifully, brisk day and everything about it was perfect. I didn't have my hopes up that we'd find a tree (some call me particular) but we did! And it's lovely! We also drank hot apple cider and ate too many corn-dogs. Thanks for the memories you guys!

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