You'll love our images of kids not just because we do great work, but because we really help kids have a great time during our session. We both love little ones and can't wait to have our own, but until then, we'll tickle, and giggle, and play, and photograph yours! 

Our sessions last between one and two hours and can be in studio or on location. We typically start at your house with little ones younger than 2 years old. They feel more comfortable with their surroundings and it's easier to bond when they have their own toys to share with us. We spend the first part of the session getting to know you and your family and acessing lighting, environment, and clothing options. You don't have to worry about staging or what to do with your hands, we'll help you with all of that. Our goal is to get a gorgeous shot of you being you and your kids being kids. After getting to know you a little, we start photographing and playing, sometimes we do both at the same time.

We get a lot of photos and upload them at your house (if that is where we started) and you get to sort through them to find your favorites. 4x6 digital files are provided for the weekday sessions and 5x7 digital files are provided for the weekend sessions. If you'd like to purchase larger digital files, that is available to you (please see the Products & Pricing brochure). If you have a hard time sorting through the photos and would like us to find the best images from the session, we are happy to do that for you for a $450 print deposit. It often takes parents 6-8 hours to choose images to print and we know your time is important. If you are planning on purchasing prints from us, this is a great option. 

For those of you who have a hard time visualizing which photos and which sizes will look best in your home, we also offer design services for an $850 print deposit. For this service, we take photos of your walls, upload them into photoshop and digitally add the sizes and photos we think look best together. This way, you'll know exactly what to expect when you receive your prints! 

We hope you give us a try! It takes a little faith to book us for the first time, but after we come over, win over your kids, and show you the best photos you've ever seen, you'll never want to hire anyone else!