We definitely have a style, but are passionate about capturing who you are. If you have a circus theme, the photos will be fun and colorful and spirited. If you have a whimsical theme, photos will be light and airy and sweet. And if you have a Vogue theme, your photos will be posh and sophisticated and daring. We capture you, beautifully, no matter what your personality. All or our client's friends end up saying, "the photos are just so...THEM!" 

Wedding day coverage includes getting ready, details, first sight (if desired), the ceremony, formal family and bridal party, couple intimates, reception, candids throughout the day, and party shots at night. We include an engagement session, and you also receive all of the digital images on a sweet thumb drive. A majority of our clients end up spending around $8000 with an album and prints. If you're into an album, we can customize one just for you and add it to your package. We know every wedding is unique and we want the photography coverage to be perfect for you. We can add on time and products or subtract time as needed. Photo booths are super fun and an option we also offer.  Please give us a call to come over so we can get to know you, show you a couple of full weddings, and let you touch and feel all of the albums and products we offer. We can then build a package that fits best for you. For a sneak peak of products, click HERE

If you haven't already heard, we also own a wedding venue called Beatnik Studios. It's pretty incredible and we give you a discount for choosing Beatnik and LUMI. For all of you who'd rather get married at a vineyard, backyard, or some crazy-cool country with coconuts, we'd love to photograph you too. Here are some of our favorites who decided to marry somewhere other than Beatnik: Meagan & Dave chose a local venue, the Inn at Park Winters, and you can see those photos HERE and Cristine & TD got married at a lighthouse in Byron Bay, Australia and you can see their photos HERE. If you love the look of our photos, we want to meet you! Let us buy you a drink, show you a couple of full weddings and all of our products, and get to know you. 


Here's a little about the wedding venue we own, called Beatnik Studios, and why we love it. It's an event space/art gallery/photo studio in one of the coolest parts of downtown Sacramento. It's a huge brick building with exposed ducting and concrete floors-not unlike a New York City loft. Not to toot our own horns, but it's one of the coolest spots in town (and out of town too!). If you're looking for a unique space to make your promises or have your reception, you can check out Beatnik's website HERE. If you end up choosing Beatnik for your wedding, you not only get an amazing space, we also give you an incredible price! Cynthia & Josh chose Beatnik and you can see their photos by clicking HERE. Sam & Q also chose Beatnik and you can see their photos HERE. Also, Amy & Kyle's wedding was at Beatnik, and you can check them out HERE.

We strive for excellence in everything we do and part of that is making sure you have a great experience. We do our very best to help you be comfortable and even make you laugh when the time is right. Above all, we want to help you realize your wedding day dreams, and create incredible imagery so you can relive it for the rest of your life.


This is a crazy, wonderful time in your life and we'd love to document it for you. Our maternity sessions are more lifestyle in feel and often include your person and your other children if this isn't your first rodeo. We can start at your home and can then head outside. Some of our moms are hesitant about doing a session, especially if they feel like they waited too many months to have it done, but are always so happy they had us photograph. 

Includes a one hour Wednesday or Friday, local session worth 350 and an 8x10, 20 page album worth 450

We offer some really beautiful products other than albums and prints and you can see them all on our products page by clicking HERE.

*Add 100 to any package for travel to San Francisco or Tahoe.
*Add 200 for a Saturday, Sunday, or Monday session.


BABIES! BABIES! BABIES! There is really nothing sweeter and we love photographing newborns. It's a crazy whirlwind of emotions and sleep patterns, so we do everything we can to make the session as easy as possible. As soon as you are settled at home, we come over. We find the prettiest light you've got and concentrate on capturing the sweet side of new life. Because of feeding, soothing, and gushing, newborn sessions often last up to four hours, so book a morning when you don't have any other plans. Moms and dads are included in most of the photos, and siblings can join in too.  

Includes a local session up to four hours on Wednesday or Friday worth 450 and an 8x10, 20 page album worth 450

We offer some really beautiful products other than albums and prints and you can see them all on our products page by clicking HERE.

*Add 100 to any package for travel to San Francisco or Tahoe.
*Add 200 for a Saturday, Sunday or Monday session.


Babies change and grow with every passing minute which is why we offer a Baby's First Year package. It includes a newborn session, 3 month old session, 6 month old session, 9 month old session, and 1 year old session. The package includes high res files printable up to 11x14 size and one 8x10, 50 page album including images from each session. We also offer 50% off of your announcement card purchase. You can get a peak at those by visiting our products page HERE. A maternity session can be added on for 800.


Family is one of the most important things to us and we get so excited to document yours. We love to see the special connections you have with each other and with your children. We photograph families of all different shapes and sizes. We usually photograph families with little children in the morning because that's when kids tend to be happiest, but we can do afternoons too, to accommodate work schedules. If you are interested in family photo session for the holidays, we usually book out very quickly in October, so if you'd like holiday cards, and want to stay ahead of the rush, please call to book a September session!

Includes a local session up to two hours on Wednesday or Friday worth 450 and an 8x10, 20 page album worth 450

We offer some really beautiful products other than albums and prints and you can see them all on our products page by clicking HERE.

*Add 100 to any package for travel to San Francisco or Tahoe.
*Add 200 for a Saturday, Sunday, or Monday session.
*Add 275 for each additional hour.


Model sessions are SO MUCH FUN! We often partner with Cast Images, the local talent agency and work on getting 3-6 different looks. Sessions last up to two hours and are scheduled on Wednesdays or Fridays. We start at your home or ours, whichever has the best light, and then go on a couple different locations downtown to make sure to get some variety. We then process the 20 best images, send them to the talent agency, and send you the best 4x6 digital files from the session.

*Add 100 to any package for travel to San Francisco or Tahoe.
*Add 200 for a Saturday, Sunday or Monday session.
*Add 275 for each additional hour.


Our goal with headshots is to create simple, welcoming images. When your clients and customers see them, we want them to feel your personality through them, as well as feeling welcomed. They need to know they can trust you and the first thing your image needs to develop trust with your clients is to be technically brilliant. We photograph you in the most beautiful light with clean backgrounds that aren't distracting. We know our cameras inside and out, as well as how light works, and the best places to photograph you at any given time during the day. 

In order for your image to convey a sense of your personality, you've got to be relaxed. People who call us for headshots don't often like their photos taken, so we do our best to help you feel comfortable. We aren't above starting our session at  your favorite pub or wine bar if that's what it takes. To get two of the best photos you've ever seen of yourself, our sessions take one-two hours. We don't rush the process. Even for a "simple" headshot, we take our time because we know that chances are good it's going to take you longer than fifteen minutes to start to relax.

After we finish shooting, we go home to upload and sort through the images. We find the best ones and present them to you to choose your two favorites. These two can be used for commercial and marketing purposes to promote you and your business. The images are often used on websites, business cards, social media, and on book covers. You can use the remainder of the photos from our session for personal use.

There are hundreds of photographers out there who will sell you headshots for a tenth of our price, but no one else takes better photos than we do. When you spend your hard earned money on a beautiful website, meaningful graphic design, and just the right text, you'll want the photo of you to flow along with it.


Commercial work involves photograph intended for marketing and advertising purposes. We've worked with clients as well known as Levi's to very small local businesses like Roxy's Restaurant. Commercial sessions are individually quoted and in order to create the most accurate estimate for your job, we ask questions like:
-How many photos will you need for your project?
-What would you like your customers/clients to feel when they see the photos?
-What is the scope of advertising (i.e. local vs worldwide)?
-Will you involve a creative director, project manager, stylists, hair/make-up artists, models, etc.?
-Do you plan to find models or do we need to host a casting date?
With the information we gather, we put together an estimate and work together to create the photos you want within the budget you have.