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Ryan // Starting A Modeling Portfolio


Look at those dimples!!! This is Ryan. We photographed him yesterday to start his modeling portfolio. He was just signed by Cast Images Talent Agency here in Sacramento. He is really quite shy, but also loves having his photo taken which results in super sweet shots. His mom and older sister came to the session too and it was really fun to see the connection between the three of them. At one point, his mom was helping with his shoes and without a word, put his little hands on her cheeks-sometimes, you can just feel the love!

We took these photos outside of one of our favorite bike shops, Edible Pedal after getting one of the best vanilla lattes we’ve ever had at Old Soul (they’re usually not sweet enough or too sweet but yesterday, it was just right). These spots are really cool and one might miss them seeing as how they’re hidden away in a Midtown alley. The bikes are incredible, the coffee, food (try the quiche!), and atmosphere at the coffee shop are awesome, but the best part is the light. Depending on the time of day and where the sun hits the buildings, they alleys can have the most incredible natural light, helping us create photos like this.

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Artistry & Inspiration