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Benjamin and Sebastian


We were so excited to photograph Ben and Seb this year! They moved into their new house a couple of months ago and we knew it would be spectacular. Their parents own the international development company, Troon Pacific, in San Francisco, so we knew we were in for a treat and it did not disappoint! The light in this home is spectacular and the pops of color, refreshing. We did a bunch of photos upstairs in Charlot’s office and I have to say that I’m now thinking of redecorating.   

Lindsay was ganged up on last year when the boys decided a game of dodge ball would be fun, so this year, she challenged them to a bb game of 2 on 1 on their court out back. She came in the house short of breath, but smiling. She didn’t get a full-ride basketball scholarship to Sac State for nothin’! Now you’re probably thinking, “Lindsay against a couple of 5th graders?!” These boys may look sweet, but they are competitive and rambunctious-I got beaned in the back of the neck with a bouncy ball in the middle of the shoot, but it was so worth it to get these photos!!!

Can’t wait to photograph these guys again when dad’s home-such a beautiful family!

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