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Holiday with Braelyn


We were able to photograph Braelyn’s first year and loved every single session. What a sweet, sweet family! When we found out Kristen was pregnant with baby #2, we were so excited for them! Then, we found out Kristen wanted us to photograph this next baby too. We smiled ear to ear during this session knowing that we’ll get to meet another sweet baby and thinking about all of the extra time we’ll be able to spend with Braelyn. She is smart and gentle and has those little rosy cheeks you just want to squeeze!

Kristen wanted a Christmas theme for these holiday photos. It’s not something we normally do, but we are always up for a challenge! We started in the lobby of the Hyatt in the Financial District and it was lovely, but a little dark. So, we walked down the street a couple of block where we had seen these gigantic red ornaments-what a treat!!! This was eye candy for us and seeing as how Kristen wore her red rain boots, we figured it was meant to be.

It was a little difficult to compose these images because we normally shoot so close up and fill the frame with our subjects. Getting these huge ornaments in there was a little tricky, but the light that afternoon couldn’t have been more magical. Sometimes, when we take a risk, it doesn’t work at all and we have to reformulate, but most of the time, it ends up being amazing!

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