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Ice skating is harder than it looks


When I say ice skating is harder than it looks what I mean is photographing it was so much harder than we thought! We had a session this week to photograph some of our best friends. After getting some family shots and some individuals of Ethan at their house, we thought it would be really fun to photograph them at the ice rink. One of the first rules in photographing families and children is to choose a space where motion is limited (i.e. table top, chair. corner of the house, or couch). Instead, we took them to a place where all there was was motion! Not only was there motion, but it was crazy motion like feeling like your falling forward and trying to catch yourself and then starting to fall backward before finally righting yourself again. You know what I’m talking about! It reminds me of photographing newborns. Everyone thinks they are so cute all the time, but the truth is, they have crazy weird expressions and movements and only look peaceful a tiny percentage of the time. Yep, just like ice skaters! All that said, we still got great shots 😉 Thanks for being awesome E-your mom and BB are going to love these photos!!!

Lindsay got this shot of Brie and me and it so perfectly illustrates how she makes me feel. She gets me me giggling constantly and we never want to leave. I actually missed a date with my mom because we couldn’t tear ourselves away from their company. Love this shots sweets!

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