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Engagements of Fallon and Kevin in SF


This has got to be one of the favorites as far as engagement sessions go. It’s right up there with Mogan and Lucas and Natalie and Austin (bear in mind that Morgan is one of Lindsay’s best friends and we got to do a nautical theme because Natalie’s dad has a boat!). We got to photograph these two in San Francisco. They live in a darling apartment with some of the most incredible light outside. They’ve got a couple kick ass roof top features as well as a sweet office across the street. These two also have some of the BEST taste in food. They took us to a new food truck area where I took a mini break being vegan and had shared a couple of waffles, one with Nutella, strawberries, and whip cream and one with maple syrup. The heaven’s parted and angels sang and the waffles and the photos were glorious! 

After our session, Fallon and Kevin took us to dinner and YUM. I got this incredible veggie cuban sandwich and I can’t even remember what Lindsay got because mine was so good! We also started with Tempurah Avocadoes. It was a lovely, lovely day in the City and I will love these photos forever. Thanks for being amazing you two (and thanks for having such great style!!!).

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