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Blonde, blue-eye’d Brady


It’s always such a pleaure to photograph for model’s portfolios. Every time I get a call from a parent who is working with Cast Images, I know I’ll get to meet one of the most beautiful and photogenic kids in Sacramento. Little Brady is one of the youngest Cast Images kids we’ve been able to work with and he was INCREDIBLE. I mean, incredible! We’d ask him to smile or giggle and he’d produce this icredibly sweet energy that only comes when you’re working with a professional. Two years old and he’s already a genius.

We don’t often showcase the moms of our Cast Images kids but Heidi is too cute to not post. We loved the sweet, playful moments they shared during the session and wanted to thank Heidi for Brady’s incredible genes-you’re both so beautiful!!!

  1. Heidi Elliott says:

    So beautiful Mandy! I couldn’t be happier, you and Lindsay did a FABULOUS job!! Thank you so much, Brady and I had a blast. Can’t wait to do it again!

    Heidi & Brady

  2. Julie Elliott says:

    The pictures are gorgeous! Already people are asking who the photographer is. Thank you for doing such a wonderful job for my beautiful nephew and sister!

    Julie Elliott

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