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Artistry & Inspiration

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Curls, curls, curls!


We photographed this angel last year for her modeling portfolio with straight beautiful soft long hair. She doesn’t really like having curls, so her mom will straighten it for her in the mornings (only takes 45 minutes :). She realized that having curls wasn’t the worste thing ever for her modeling career so I got to photograph her again and it was so much fun!!! I’ve got hair that is straight as a board and so anytime I can hang out with someone with all these curls, it just makes my day. Curls aside, she was incredible-followed directions perfectly, could laugh on que, and has those gentle eyes and incredible skin. I can’t imagine how she’s going to be a productive person in the future because if I were in her shoes, I’d just stare at myself in the mirror all day!!

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Artistry & Inspiration