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I was married once before, to a man who hated when I took his photo. Should have known it would never last. Now, I get to wake up to the most beautiful face I’ve ever seen and, bonus, she likes being photographed.

Jones and Minnow aren’t too shabby either. Look at these two! You’d think they hang out like this all the time, but no (they do hang out all the time, but usually, Minnow is half-way down Jones’ throat). Lindsay placed Minnow there probably 5 times before I felt confident enough to take the shot. I took these with my old Mamiya C3 film camera. I shot with Fuji film, and oh man, I’m so in love. My wife, these dogs, this film!!! Hugs and kisses to Richard Photo Lab for the lovely developing and scanning.

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Artistry & Inspiration