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Remembering Charlot


You’ve Got Mail is one of my all time favorite movies. If you haven’t watched it recently (and I’d be amazed if you had) you might need to. The main character writes to her pen-pal about feeling like she’s lived a small life. Sometimes, when I look at what I’ve accomplished, it also feels small. I love what I do and I love my life, but every once in awhile (usually around January) I take inventory and feel like I should be doing something bigger.

I got an email yesterday inviting me to a friend and client’s memorial service. Charlot was married to Gregory and together they had an incredible life with two teenage boys. She was 48 (you can read more about her life here). It was a terrible shock and I wanted to do something, anything for her husband. Most of the time when the mom schedules the photo sessions, she’s also the one to save/store the photos. Life is so hectic and crazy and sometimes, dads never even see them. So, I went and pulled photos from past sessions to send to Gregory.

As I look at these images, I don’t feel small at all. I feel like we do one of the most important jobs there ever was. With a heavy heart I say, Charlot, you will be missed, but with a full heart I say, you will be remembered.

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