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Where to Get Ready


When our brides and grooms tell us they picked and Airbnb to get ready the morning of their wedding, we’re never sure what kind of light we’re going to get. We’re so familiar with all of the hotels in the Sacramento area and can even tell you which rooms have the best space and light. But with an Airbnb, there’s just no telling.

We opened the large steel gate to this property yesterday morning and couldn’t believe our eyes! Were we actually in Winters, California or did we step into a story book?! Maybe Winters just went and got cool without telling us. Well, now we know and we can’t get enough.

The property is titled Artsy Farmy Garden Getaway on Airbnb is incredible, the accommodations are beautiful, they styling and landscaping are inspired and eclectic without being the least bit trendy, and the kittens, puppies, and chickens are playful and sweet. Shauni and her circle made this place a reality and even brought out incredible platters of fresh, healthy, delicious treats in the afternoon after we did the first look with the bride and the groom. She puts my cheese plates to shame and is obviously a magician.

Most of all, the light and the feeling here is soft and calming, just perfect for a wedding day morning. We loved this gem and can’t wait to go back, maybe host an event ourselves here or rent for a stay-cation. The possibilities are dreamy. Most of all, we hope to be able to photograph more brides and grooms here. Winters, California-well done.

  1. Yvonne Davis says:

    Love this place! The property is surrounded by tall trees, plants, a barn, etc that block out any way of knowing there are neighbors. Your photos never have anything unwanted in the background. Yes, the host, Shaunie, makes everything magical. Be sure to book the whole experience they offer.

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