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We have too much fun together. And when I say, “we”, I mean, Lindsay, Liani, Mackenzie, and me (AKA: the Sister Wives). We got to go to L.A. last weekend and eat, drink, and be merry all over the city. A big shout out to Mackenzie for navigating our trip, Liani for…

When we get to photograph kids each year for the holidays, I’m always amazed at how much they’ve grown. These three didn’t look much different from last year but their personalities were so much more evolved and exciting.

I photograph Lindsay at every session. She gets to be my model so I can test the light before the clients arrive. Turns out, she’s my favorite person in the world (besides little Anna) to photograph. Look at her! I’m so lucky I can barely stand it!

Going to photograph Anna (and her parents) is a session I look forward to all year long. She is spunky and playful and exudes this energy and personality that is unmatched by any other little person I’ve met, not to mention she is jaw droppingly beautiful.

We got to photograph Simon for his modeling portfolio again. Oh man! He is THE BEST!!! We photographed at our house for a bit and then put his clothes and car seat in our car to drive around and look for pretty light. He climbed into the car seat and said, “Wow! This is a…

Sometimes I get jealous of my tiny models. I can’t help it! Just look at Olivia. Perfect skin, hair to die for, and can look cute in any type of clothing. We usually don’t combine family photos and model sessions, but…

I’d like to take credit for these amazing locations, but I can’t. Q and Sam gave us a list of places they’d like to visit during out sessions and we were blown away. I wish I could display the first photo wall size for everyone so you can get the full effect of awesomeness!

Wes and Brea made this perfect little bundle and named her Bijou. Such a sweetheart! We got to see them in the hospital and Wes was a natural holding her against his bare chest. She came a little early and needed some extra attention, and there was no shortage of…


We eat at Sushi Cafe on Freeport at least once a week, so we consider ourselves professionals when it comes to delicious and saucy sushi. When Bryant told us he needed photos we were delighted to help! Here are a couple of our favorites…

Lindsay and I took these photos before taking off to get married in Mexico. We were really excited, but couldn’t process them before we left, there was just no time. Getting back to work after a vacation is really hard, but I couldn’t wait to get started and I’m sure you can see why. LOOK. HOW. BEAUTIFUL!

Artistry & Inspiration

lumi photography

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