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Artistry & Inspiration

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Briea & Bryan’s Engagements


Lindsay and I took these photos before taking off to get married in Mexico. We were really excited, but couldn’t process them before we left, there was just no time. Getting back to work after a vacation is really hard, but I couldn’t wait to get started and I’m sure you can see why. LOOK. HOW. BEAUTIFUL! These two are so fun to photograph and I can’t wait for the wedding. We started at their place with their dogs (love dogs), went to the park with a couple props (I don’t always love props but these were classy and turned out awesome), and then ended up on a beautiful deck with a couple colorful drinks (perfect end to a fantastic session). Thanks for making it so easy to get back to work  you two. LOVE THESE!

P.S. As soon as I can collect them, I’ll post photos of our wedding 😉

  1. The Future Mrs. Crofford says:

    OMG!!! I seriously can’t stop smiling!!! I love the pictures so much; you two are just so talented, so amazing…true artists. Thank you for capturing our special moment in time…in the way that only LUMI Photography can! 🙂

    169 days and counting for photo session numero dos aka THE WEDDING! Eeek!

  2. Mandy Draper says:

    We’re so glad!!!! Thank you so much for choosing us. We cannot wait for the wedding!!!

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