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Sometimes, you meet someone at a picnic fundraiser and they change your life forever. I gave Jessie a ride to the grocery story 11 years ago and afterward, she introduced me to Lindsay. I can’t ever thank her enough for running out of paper plates and napkins! Fast forward a decade and we have another […]

When we first photographed these three for their engagement session, we had no idea we’d get to experience their promises in such an intimate setting. It was always a plan for Sydney and Vannesa to get married in the woods on 10.10.2020 but to have only a handful of people there to experience it was […]

Some of my favorite quotes are by Coco Chanel. One I can’t help but think about as I remember Madison and Chris’ wedding day is, “A girl should be two things, classy and fabulous.” Madison is clearly both. Each of her choices from where to get ready (The Sawyer Hotel) to her dress, to her […]

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Artistry & Inspiration