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Sydney & Vannesa Make Promises-Oakland Hills, CA


When we first photographed these three for their engagement session, we had no idea we’d get to experience their promises in such an intimate setting. It was always a plan for Sydney and Vannesa to get married in the woods on 10.10.2020 but to have only a handful of people there to experience it was something they didn’t foresee. This year has been more challenging than all of us could have expected but those challenges have brought such incredible beauty and sweetness and intimacy and it’s been such a joy to be able to be a part of it.

We are grateful to couples like Sydney and Vannesa for modifying their plans to help us all be safe. With a baby, navigating COVID has felt crippling-so much so, we hadn’t been photographing at all. But when couples make sacrifices like these two, not only do we feel the love they have for each other, but we feel the love and respect they have for us. You two are amazing and deserve all of the happiness and love and excitement the universe has to offer. Thanks for choosing us. And thanks for having the cutest ring bearer anyone has ever had or ever will…ever.

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Artistry & Inspiration