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Rainy Days


I love the rain. It gets in the way of shooting children and families but I think it’s so fun. I used to be a runner and one of the best times to run is in the rain. It made me feel like a bit of a rebel. I love the water. Maybe it comes down to being a Pisces. It’s also lovely to be able to curl up with a good book or movie next to the fire and hear the rain pounding down on the pavement outside. We are so lucky to be able to have a comfortable home and the coolest of all jobs-I went outside to try to capture the rain bouncing off of the street outside, but couldn’t quite get it and took this shot instead. It’s one of the most beautiful autumns I’ve experienced and the rain water is coming down so fast it’s making pools of reds and oranges and yellows. One of these days I’ll get the rain bouncing, but for today I think this says it all. 

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Artistry & Inspiration