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Natalie & Mike’s Engagements


Engagement sessions are so much fun! We can take these couples who are in love to the best locations and find the most incredible light so when they look at each other and those feelings of excitement, passion, playfulness, and love come out, we capture it in the best possible way.

Wedding days are awesome in a totally different way. They make us think on our toes. For the most part, on a wedding day, we don’t get to choose locations, lighting, and time of day. We have to be very aware and watchful in order to see those moments that will want to be remembered. So, when we get to photograph our wedding couples during engagement sessions, it’s like play time!

We started this session at one of Natalie and Mike’s favorite spots, The Shady Lady, with a couple of White Linens and beer. They brought some stellar outfits and inspired us to photograph in a very colorful and light-hearted way. They didn’t need much help to show how much they enjoyed each other and it was so easy and fun to photograph them. 

We photographed on R Street and in Old Sac and then ended up on the river at Miner’s Leap Winery in Clarksburg. After shooting a bit, we bought a bottle of wine and together housed two heaping plates of tacos (Miner’s Leap has food trucks on Thursdays 🙂 It was some of the best wine I’ve ever tasted, the tacos weren’t half bad, and the company was incredible. At the end of the evening, Natalie surprised us with another bottle of wine to take home.

It was such a fantastic session and we can’t wait to shoot their wedding!!!

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