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Meet the Beatniks


Lindsay started Beatnik after graduating from Sac State. She wanted to be able to combine with other photographers and creatives to learn and grow together and share a beautiful space. Beatnik has been home to quite a few photographers, videographers, and graphic designers. It’s such a beautiful space, that others in the community wanted to be a part of it as well. So, Lindsay opened the doors a few years ago to host weddings, fundraisers, craft fairs, birthday parties, music events, and just about any other type of gathering of creative and talented folks. 

A few of the people who have been instrumental in Beatnik’s success who are still involved today are pictured above. We’ve got Lindsay (founder of Beatnik and photographer extraordinaire), Wes (lead creative, social marketing genius, photographer, and Lindsay’s best friend), Karen (Lindsay’s mom/number one fan, Beatnik events coordinator, and planner), Albert (financial investor and photographer), Martin (videographer, photographer, and graphic designer), Alan (art gallery director and photographer), and me, Mandy (Lindsay’s photography mate and fiance). It’s quite a team and I’m so proud to be a part of Beatnik Studios. 

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Artistry & Inspiration