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Little Abby


This is one of my favorite sessions of all time. Little Abby is, of course, adorable, and we were able to find some of the prettiest light I’ve ever seen. We started in our house with her little ballerina outfit and then moved to the front yard. There’s a dentist office off of L Street that we remembered being nice light in the morning and then, a few feet down from that is a little Italian restaurant. Gorgeous. Abby could also give us smiles and serious face on que. That’s really tough for a little one, but she did it. Thank you for having the prettiest skin of all time!

I wanted to send out a little love to Lindsay. She lets me take control of model sessions and I think I’m really great at capturing kids’ personalities, but I couldn’t do it without her. Check her out above-she’s the one that makes the little kids laugh while I’m behind the camera getting the right exposures. Thanks for supporting me-you are amazing!!

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