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Kamikaze Hummingbird


Cast Images just signed this little ball of energy-meet Lukas. He had more energy than a six pack of Red Bull and jumped off of any/all surfaces we put him on. This is why I’ve dubbed him the Kamikaze Hummingbird.

Normally, when we photograph two year olds, we look for pretty light on or around a surface where he can be contained. This is usually a chair or a countertop, sometimes a table. Every time we got Lukas in one of these situations, he would jump off with no regard for personal safety. I think he may have a serious shot at being a stunt man if he ever gets bored with modeling!

A big thank you to mom and dad for being such a big help during out session today!!! They changed his outfits with lightning speed and corraled him, ran after him, tickled him, and tossed him up in the air whenever I asked them to. I really appreciate all of your help and wouldn’t have been able to get these images without you.

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