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Nominated for one of Rangefinder’s Top 30!


Rangefinder is one of THE most respected photography magazines. We got an email that we had been nominated by an industry professional (photo editor, fellow photographer, etc) to be considered for one of Rangefinder’s Top 30 Rising Stars in Wedding Photography! We couldn’t be more excited and grateful. In order to be considered, we needed to submit 30 of our favorite images along with answers to a questionnaire about our work and history as photographers. Lindsay took a day and picked her favorites photos to submit, and then I did the same-it was SO hard to choose and it seriously took me all. day. long. They wanted a collection telling the story of the day including no less than three weddings. The following gallery is the one we submitted. We want to thank all of our couples for letting us be such a special part of their day. We also wouldn’t have such amazing shots if it weren’t for the the designers, florists, caterers, bakers, coordinators, planners, DJ’s, bar service, jewelers, dress makers, and incredible family and friends who attend our weddings. I also want to mention how incredibly lucky we all are that we live in a time when true love is still around and plentiful. We are so living the dream! Wish us luck 😉

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Artistry & Inspiration