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Angela & Amir’s Engagements


I woke up this morning thinking about how lucky we are. Which is funny for me, because when it rains, I’m usually depressed (we’ll never be able to move to Portland). My pleasant thoughts persisted and I caught myself smiling. We get to photograph engagements, weddings, kids, families, and an occasional restaurant, clothing company, or winery. We get to photograph really lovely moments and sometimes I forget that we get to live them too. We get to experience all of these great things-who else gets to do that? Maybe doctors who deliver babies, but other than that, I can’t think of anyone else surrounded by so much love and happiness.

In all of my bliss this morning, I started thinking about our line-up of weddings this year and I remembered I hadn’t yet blogged one of my favorite engagement sessions. Angela and Amir are the best. They found Beatnik (also another reason to smile-if you don’t know Beatnik, click HERE to be swept away) and when they found Beatnik, they found us. We can. not. wait. to see these two get married. To see it, to photograph it. to live it with them. Here are my favorite shots of these two.

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