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When our clients research to find a chef or caterer who speaks their language, it almost always makes the taste buds sing. You don’t have to have “chicken, salmon, or steak” at your wedding. As a matter of fact, please don’t. Not only is it incredibly hard to cook those meats to perfection for a hundred people, it’s boring.

What isn’t boring? The appetizers, pizza, and salad from A16. Amy & Justin chose their favorite eatery in Oakland, California to share with their favorite people and it was so YUM! Not only was it delicious, but it was beautiful.

Doing something original might be just what your party needs to be a hit. When Lindsay and I got married (granted, it was in Mexico) we had tortilla soup, fish/chicken/veggie tacos, guacamole, salsa, & chips, and hot churros and cold lime popsicles. Our friends are still talking about it. It turned out great because we chose what we love and chances are pretty good your peeps are also going to love what you love.

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Artistry & Inspiration