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Engagements with Melissa & Barclay


Melissa and Barclay got engaged in Lisbon, Portugal. I LOVE Lisbon! I got to live there in my twenties and it is a really wonderful city. We’d love to go back to Lisbon, just in case any of you crazy kids are planning on an engagement/wedding/honeymoon and want it documented 😉 I also speak Portuguese if anyone needs an interpreter.

Barclay is a winner that’s for sure. He asked her if she’d marry him and after she said, “yes” surprised her with a dinner party with their families…in Lisbon! So awesome.

After they got home, we got to photograph them. Lindsay and Melissa went to school together and it was amazing to meet the man she fell in love with.  We got to photograph their wedding also, and I’ve never been more inspired to do more with my life than after listening to the best man’s toast. He talked about Barclay’s adventures and the kind of person he is and it made me want to be a better human.

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