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Artistry & Inspiration

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Senior Portraits, Downtown Sacramento


Chloe brought the coolest wardrobe to her senior session. Even inspired me go out and get my own jumper. She’s got her whole future ahead of her and she’s got an incredible start.

We enjoy photographing people as they are graduating high school and heading out into the world. It was a favorite time of life for Lindsay and me. We LOVED college and traveling and the mystery of the unknown. What would the world have in store for us?! It was thrilling.

Graduating high school is still an incredible achievement as well as a gift. Through my travels, I’ve gotten to know little ones who may not have had the chance to go to school past the sixth grade. If you don’t live in a community where there is a high school and don’t have the means to move to the city where there is one, that’s the farthest you go.

So, here’s to celebrating all the gifts we’ve been given and the education so many of us take for granted. Way to go Chloe-we can’t wait to see what your future has in store!

P.S. Molly (Chloe’s mom) can do styling for us anytime/pick out my wardrobe.

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Artistry & Inspiration

lumi photography

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