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Jessica & David’s Wedding


We photograph weddings and sometimes we love it, and other times, we REALLY love it. Jessica and David are clients who make us really love photographing weddings. One of the many reasons we enjoyed them so much is because we fit together so well as clients and photographers. They loved all of the aspects of our wedding photography that we love. They described being drawn to the light, bright, emotion filled style we try so hard to achieve.

It is so important to find a wedding photographer who can capture the style you love. Our fine art wedding photography style approach also includes crazy, silly editorials. We set you up in the most beautiful light we can find during the day for your portraits, group photos, and romantic shots. Then, we capture expressions and reactions throughout the ceremony and reception. We hope it’s the best of both worlds for our clients.

When clients come to us and mention the keywords, “light, bright, emotion, love, laughter, beauty” we know we are on the same page. We can work toward the same goals and as a client, you’ll trust us. This is huge for all us on your wedding day. The more trust you have for us, the less stress. The less stress you have, the happier your wedding day. The happier your wedding day is, the better your wedding photographs and experience will be overall. And that’s what we want for you-the best day of your life.

Every once in awhile, we  come across a couple who doesn’t care so much about photography. They know they want photos of their day, but it’s not a priority. They might also want really dramatic images or a bunch of fisheye/wide angle photographs. These are big warning signs for us that we might not fit together. It’s not that we can’t photograph a moody  candle-lit evening with a fisheye, it’s just not our specialty. We’ll often show you another photographer’s work you might mesh better with for your big day, so we don’t have to struggle with trying to capture it the way you want instead of the way that feels right to us.

Jessica and David got us. They loved our work from go and the day ended up being perfect. These are photographs we’ll cherish forever and we hope they do too.

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