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Casino Mine Ranch Tour


Lindsay was gone visiting family in Oregon and I was invited by Mackenzie to tour Casino Mine Ranch. We became friends working with Mackenzie on a number of occasions where she’s done event styling. I didn’t know she also represented a gorgeous winery in Amador County.

I’m not nervous to go places by myself, but on this occasion, I felt some serious anxiety. I realized that when I go places by myself, I fly solo. This was an outing meant to socialize with a few of some really cool people and I was nervous to make an ass out of myself. You see, people love my wife Lindsay. I’m liked enough, but one of the coolest things about me, is Lindsay, and so, representing our team alone was scary-mostly because we’re nearly always together and I rarely have to do it. I rely on her entirely and so deciding to go was risky.

But I did it. And Casino Mine Ranch is breathtaking. Way worth any energy I wasted on anxiety. Not only does the property have a relaxation factor of 12 out of 10, but Mackenzie has a gentle way of putting me at ease. She gave me and another couple a tour and it is one of the loveliest places in Northern California I’ve ever experienced. There are mixtures of modern and antique, brand new and old as dirt, crispy and crackly, and lots of light and bright whites and tans. As you can only imagine, it was dreamy for a girl like me.

There’s a fantastic history to the property, a lap pool + cabana, bocce ball court, rows of beautiful vines, cacti, a cave, a tree-house and a surprise I’m trying really hard not to divulge. And, obviously, the wine is the purpose for the vineyard, but also the cherry on top. Casino Mine Ranch is available for private tours and tastings by appointment. Reach out to Mackenzie at


After visiting the ranch, I stopped along the way home whenever I felt inspired to photograph. It felt fresh and good. I love having the time to do that. It turns an hour commute into a four hour excursion, so I don’t do it often, but it’s totally worth it and gives me space for some creativity. I’m digging photographing landscapes. They are images I’ve always been too afraid to try and the universe has been gentle to me because I’m thinking they’re turning out better than I could have hoped! Couldn’t help but throw in a selfie too.

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