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Wedding at a Lavender Farm


Wedding photography of two brides at Lavender Ridge in Reno, Nevada. Alina and Brittany are both wearing white wedding dresses and have bouquets made of white roses and succulents.

When Brittany and Alina told us they were getting married at a Lavender Farm, we couldn’t wait! I didn’t even know we had one close. Turns out Lavender Ridge is located just a few miles outside downtown Reno, NV. And it’s lovely. Photographing mid-day in the sun was something I never wanted to do before this year. But, I kept seeing fashion ads with gorgeous women in amazing clothes and bright sun and shadows. I became detest turned to intrigue and Lindsay and I set up a couple of test shoots to see what we could get at 2pm with no shade. I felt like an awakening. Now, we’ve got a pretty good handle on what to do when portraits of the brides land at sunshine:30.

These ladies are so classy. Can I just point out the complementary manicures? LOVE.

These are the moments we live for. Throughout the day, if we can put you in pretty light and get a natural expression we feel like we win. But when a couple does something like this on their own, at the ALTER?!! Get out. All we really want to do for you is capture the most beautiful moments, real moments on your wedding day, so when you look at them in twenty years, THIS feeling is what you remember and get to feel all over again. It can sound cheesy if you let it, but it isn’t. It’s just real.

As always, to see this full wedding, you can visit our proofing site –

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