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Engagement Session in Sacramento, CA


More than not, our couples tell us they don’t like being photographed. The exact words are usually, “I hate being photographed.” We smile and reassure them they just haven’t met the right photographers yet. This is one of those couples.

“We don’t know what to do.”
“We don’t know how to stand.”
“We’ve never had our photo taken before.”

They said all of these things and yet, these are the photos we got. Let me reassure all of you-as long as you are in love and willing to trust us even a tiny bit, you’re going to gush over the photos we take of you. This is one of the main reasons we insist on engagement sessions with each couple who hires us to photograph a wedding. You might not trust us at the beginning to the engagement session, but by the end, even if we haven’t shown you any photos, you’ll feel how much we care about making you feel awesome and showcasing the love you have for each other. Look at the rest of these photos, and tell me you think these ladies hate being photographed 😉 Do you see the hearts here? Stop it already!

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Artistry & Inspiration