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Pacific Northwest Rainforest Wedding


During our wedding, I got to walk down the aisle to the song, “Thousand Years”. You know the one…from Twilight. Say what you will, but seeing Lindsay and walking toward our future to those sweet words was one of the most powerful moments in my life. I enjoyed the movies, loved the books, and adored the song. I’m a sucker for a good love story, vampires or no vampires. So, I was tickled to find out we’d be shooting Lindsay’s cousin’s wedding only 20 minutes from the little town of Forks, home base to Bella and Edward.

When Cassie and Ryan hired us to photograph their wedding, she told us it was in one of the prettiest parts of the world she’d ever seen. She mentioned Crescent Lake and the Pacific Northwest and I wasn’t familiar. I googled both and was underwhelmed by the images I saw even though I thought it was pretty enough. There’s no way I could have imagined how breathtaking it actually was. I’d never seen anything like it. The rainforest was dripping with moss and the lake was so crystal clear, I nearly jumped in despite it being freezing. Here’s to hoping we got some better images of the scenery than I saw on google.

I’d love for all of the weddings we photograph to be this beautiful, loving and calm. I often get caught up thinking the bigger the budget someone has for a wedding, the more rewarding it will be for us to photograph. I’m excited to tell all of you cool kids out there that it doesn’t take a million dollars to have an incredible wedding. Here are a couple of things I think helped Cassie and Ryan have such a dreamy day:
-Cassie and Ryan really love each other. You think this is a given, but it isn’t. They’re also kind and gentle people with a touch of rock-and-roll.
-These lovebirds have incredible style and didn’t go overboard. The two of them, their boots, the dress, the location, the flowers, the ribbon and their friends and family felt highlighted.
-They kept things as natural as possible. I’m convinced Cassie and Ryan roll out of bed looking like this. Some people just have the hair.
-They picked a windy day, so the hair and ribbons were on point. Was Cassie cold? You bet. Did she weather the storm like a champ? She sure did.
-Cassie planned ahead and did her best to keep the day as relaxed as possible. There was lots of herbal tea and Whiskey involved. Bet you can’t guess who had which.
-Lastly, they made the day their own. They nixed all of the activities that didn’t make sense to them and concentrated on the things that did.

We loved everything about this day. Cassie and Ryan, thanks for choosing us. Can’t tell you how cool it is to be family with you two.

If you’d like to see more photos from Cassie & Ryan’s wedding, you can check out our proofing site and see them all by clicking HERE

Photography – LUMI Photography
Venue – Nature Bridge at Olympic
Floral Design – Annie’s Floral Farm
Makeup Artist – Kat Green Makeup Love
Hair Styling – Cassie herself 😉
Wedding Dress – Olvi Lace
Shoes – Seychelles Shoes

P.S. We photographed Cassie & Ryan’s rehearsal dinner and it was glorious. It deserves of a post all to itself. Look for it soon.

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