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First Family Trip in the Casita


Our maiden voyage in our new Casita Travel Trailer was a huge success! Being wedding photographers who also own an event space has been such a gift in our lives, but for the past seven or so months, it’s been a curse. Who could have anticipated a virus would change our lives so dramatically? We aren’t sure what the future holds, but we’re doing our best to stay positive. Purchasing this little trailer was our way of trying to make some lemonade right now if you know what I mean. In the long term, if worse comes to worse, it will also be a warm and cozy place for the three of us to lay our heads at night. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that we’ll only be needing the Casita for trips like this one though. Here is a peak into our 10 day adventure to Salt Lake City to see family, by way of some of the most beautiful camping in Nevada, and taking the long way home through Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons. Feel free to email us to find out where we camped and to get more info on our experience with the Casita.

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Artistry & Inspiration