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Lindsay was gone visiting family in Oregon and I was invited by Mackenzie to tour Casino Mine Ranch. We became friends working with Mackenzie on a number of occasions where she’s done event styling. I didn’t know she also represented a gorgeous winery in Amador County. I’m not nervous to go places by myself, but […]

For Lindsay’s birthday every year, we go camping. It’s her favorite thing to be out in the woods, surrounded by people she loves, with a cold beer in her hand. Add silly games, a rushing river, and a tiger suit and you’ve got a magical weekend.

Lindsay and I have been trying to make babies for a few years now. We’ve been able to get pregnant a few times, but staying pregnant has been more trying. One of the most difficult challenges of my life has been to be happy for friends and family who have successful pregnancies. I want to be happy, I really do, but instead, I battle being heartbroken and sad and jealous.

Look at these two! You’d think they hang out like this all the time, but no (they do hang out all the time, but usually, Minnow is half-way down Jones’ throat). Lindsay placed Minnow there probably 5 times before I felt confident enough to take the shot.

In 2015, when Debbie and Larry gave me an old Mamiya C3 camera for my birthday, I didn’t know what I was going to do with it. I hadn’t picked up a film camera in so many years and I was really nervous. Don’t get me wrong-I was over the moon to have it.

I had no idea we could get fresh, hot doughnuts at Apple Hill or I would have made the trip sooner! Our good friends Lynne and Enrique invited us on their family excursion to cut down a Christmas tree, something they do every year and something I’ve never done before. 

I picked up a Porter Magazine a bit ago and thought, “Hmphf. This is funny. I’ve never heard of this before. Looks like Net-A-Porter came up with, yet, another brilliant idea. In an age when periodicals are keeling over left and right, a beautiful magazine is born.

I’ve been oggling these ONA camera bags for a few years and now finally, we have them (happy dance!). They are beautiful and not just for a camera bag-these puppies look amazing next to any bag. Mine is the tote and…

We have too much fun together. And when I say, “we”, I mean, Lindsay, Liani, Mackenzie, and me (AKA: the Sister Wives). We got to go to L.A. last weekend and eat, drink, and be merry all over the city. A big shout out to Mackenzie for navigating our trip, Liani for…

We got to go to Dinah Shore this year with Liani, Mackenzie, Ian, and Alexa. How much fun was it? So much fun! The photos above are a little sample of our buddies. We sure do have some beautiful friends, who are also cool…and classy…and maybe a little tipsy. One more shout out to Mike […]

Artistry & Inspiration

lumi photography

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