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Bridal Hair and Make-Up


This is Lisa. Lisa detests having her photo taken. I was even a little nervous she wouldn’t let us photograph her alone on her wedding day. Like a true boss, she mustered up the courage and here are a couple favorites of her from her Northern California wedding.

Lisa is one of the best examples of my favorite wedding hair. I love that she has it soft and natural. She opted to wear it down and it flowed so beautifully over her shoulders and collar bones and complemented her strapless dress so perfectly.

Whether you want to wear your hair up or down, do your best to find a hair stylist who can make it look soft and natural. I know you want it to last all day, but the truth is, it’s okay if hair changes throughout the day. My favorite models are from J.Crew and their hair is always a little “mussed”. I love it!

The last thing I want to see is crunchy hair that doesn’t move even the tiniest bit when we’re lucky enough to have a fashion breeze . Better to have a soft bun in the back for an up-do or loose, soft waves that show some motion when you walk. If you have super curly hair, let it be a little unruly! I’ve always wanted out-of-control body when it comes to curls (probably because my hair is naturally as straight as a board).

I feel the same about make-up. Less really is more. Skilled make-up artists, can give you just enough to compliment your natural beauty. You don’t have to wear double what you normally would just because it’s your wedding day.

We photographed two brides a few years ago who had very dramatic eyes and lips. If this is the style you are going for, don’t let me stop you. It was beautiful. But if you are trying to harness 2017, the more natural the better.

Lastly, eyelashes. I love a nice set of false eyelashes, but sometimes brides can go a little over the top. Don’t be nervous to get a few perfectly positioned extensions and opt out of the full set of lashes. If you do get a full set, make sure they are lined up with your natural lashes and your eyeliner compliments them. When we take close-up photos of your beautiful face, you won’t want to lashes to be so distracting they take away from the impact of your natural beauty.

Thanks for making such incredible choices on your wedding day Lisa. I’m bound and determined to photograph that gorgeous face again one of these days!!

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