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Artistry & Inspiration

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It’s About Us, It’s About Trust Baby


This wedding was flawless. The couple, the family & friends, the venue, the details, all were incredible. The last few photo jobs we’ve had have been so good, it’s made me stop and think about how lucky we are.

After the gratitude settles in and I get to enjoy it for a bit, I start to think about what makes our clients and our experiences so special and I’ve narrowed it down to three things:
1. Our clients are really cool people. They are smart, generous, typically hilarious, and they’ve got sweet, sweet dance moves.
2. Our clients have great style. The proof is in this post. Sara didn’t have a stylist for this, and I’m pretty sure she had a hand in almost all of it. Hey, the girl knows what she likes.
3. Our clients totally trust us (this one makes me all emotional).

I start to tear up when I think about it. When our clients put their trust in us, we feel like rock stars. When we feel like rock stars, we can create a beautiful flow for the day. A beautiful flow results in an incredible experience. An incredible experience results in the best photos we could possibly take. Everybody wins! I love this game.

When clients trust us, we get to make the schedule, sit at a dinner table with guests, and steal them away during the perfect lighting moments. We even get to have a couple drinks and party while photodancing (I JUST MADE THAT UP! That’s going to be a T-Shirt).

Trust is precious and is what makes our experience photographing weddings so wonderful. It wasn’t always this way. When we started, we didn’t have the experience to be able to help our couples know how to get the day they wanted. Now that we do and we’re connecting with incredible peeps, it feels REALLY lucky, maybe a lot magical. Big hugs to all of you who make our “job” so fucking cool.

Photography – LUMI Photography
Venue, Event Planning, Catering & Cake (mind blown) – Wente Vineyards
Floral Design – Violetta Flowers
Cookies – AP Sugar Co
DJ – DJ Kenfused
Stationary Templates – Blanche Paparie
Banners & Table Numbers – Vintagebabydoll
Makeup Artist – Spotlight Makeup Artists
Hair Styling – Bird & Bull
Wedding Dress – Saint Clark Bridal Suite
Rentals – Standard Party Rentals & Pleasanton Rentals
Specialty Linens – Napa Valley Linens

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lumi photography

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