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For Lindsay’s birthday every year, we go camping. It’s her favorite thing to be out in the woods, surrounded by people she loves, with a cold beer in her hand. Add silly games, a rushing river, and a tiger suit and you’ve got a magical weekend.

When the bride whispers to me more than once on her wedding day, “I think we might be the same person,” how could I not send her a sneak-peak the very next day?! After all, she asked me so sweetly during the reception. And getting to see a handful of photos the day after my […]

I got an email yesterday inviting me to a friend and client’s memorial service. Charlot was married to Gregory and together they had an incredible life with two teenage boys. She was 48 (you can read more about her life here). It was a terrible shock and I wanted to do something, anything for her husband.

We don’t do many sneak peaks, but these two have been so very patient. Although their wedding was the first week of January, it was the last one from our busy winter season and we’re NEARLY finished with it.

Lindsay and I have been trying to make babies for a few years now. We’ve been able to get pregnant a few times, but staying pregnant has been more trying. One of the most difficult challenges of my life has been to be happy for friends and family who have successful pregnancies. I want to be happy, I really do, but instead, I battle being heartbroken and sad and jealous.

Look at these two! You’d think they hang out like this all the time, but no (they do hang out all the time, but usually, Minnow is half-way down Jones’ throat). Lindsay placed Minnow there probably 5 times before I felt confident enough to take the shot.

In 2015, when Debbie and Larry gave me an old Mamiya C3 camera for my birthday, I didn’t know what I was going to do with it. I hadn’t picked up a film camera in so many years and I was really nervous. Don’t get me wrong-I was over the moon to have it.

Deep, rich hues + gold was a hit at the FRESHbash this year. Haven’t been to the party? You should definitely go next year (buy tickets and get in line early because the swag-bags go to the first hundo and are so worth it). FRESHbash is an event held at Beatnik Studios celebrating all that is genius surrounding the wedding world.

We just got our hands on these templates for Save-the-Dates and I LOVE them! (Click on photos above to see full frame.) We can design them for you, or you can tell us which photo is your favorite and we’ll plug it into each design.

I had no idea we could get fresh, hot doughnuts at Apple Hill or I would have made the trip sooner! Our good friends Lynne and Enrique invited us on their family excursion to cut down a Christmas tree, something they do every year and something I’ve never done before. 

Artistry & Inspiration

lumi photography

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