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Artistry & Inspiration

An alternative to the signature colors of autumn-inspiration for brides who want to get married in October or November, but want something softer than orange, yellow, and red…

When our brides and grooms tell us they picked and Airbnb to get ready the morning of their wedding, we’re never sure what kind of light we’re going to get. We’re so familiar…

Every time I pick up a film camera, I’m 14 years old again. Dad bought me a Canon A1 when I got into highschool and I was hooked. I didn’t believe

Diablo Country Club’s motto is “Excellence since 1914” and they lived up to every bit of that motto. When Allison took us on a site-tour, I’m sure we looked surprised

Taylor and Jansson have incredible style.  And when they called us to take some photos to announce to the world they were pregnant, we were elated. It’s a special feeling…

Chloe brought the coolest wardrobe to her senior session. Even inspired me go out and get my own jumper. She’s got her whole future ahead of her and she’s got an incredible start.

It is so important to find a wedding photographer who can capture the style you love. Our fine art wedding photography style approach also includes crazy, silly editorials. We set you up in the most beautiful light…

Lisa is one of the best examples of my favorite wedding hair. I love that she has it soft and natural. She opted to wear it down and it flowed so beautifully over her shoulders and collar bones and complemented her strapless dress so perfectly.

Melissa and Barclay got engaged in Lisbon, Portugal. I LOVE Lisbon! I got to live there in my twenties and it is a really wonderful city. We’d love to go back to Lisbon, just in case any of you crazy kids are planning on an engagement/wedding/honeymoon and want it documented 😉

When our clients research to find a chef or caterer who speaks their language, it almost always makes the taste buds sing. You don’t have to have “chicken, salmon, or steak” at your wedding. As a matter of fact, please don’t.

Artistry & Inspiration

lumi photography