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More than not, our couples tell us they don’t like being photographed. The exact words are usually, “I hate being photographed.” We smile and reassure them they just haven’t met the right photographers yet. This is one of those couples. “We don’t know what to do.” “We don’t know how to stand.” “We’ve never had […]

Melissa and Barclay got engaged in Lisbon, Portugal. I LOVE Lisbon! I got to live there in my twenties and it is a really wonderful city. We’d love to go back to Lisbon, just in case any of you crazy kids are planning on an engagement/wedding/honeymoon and want it documented 😉

We just got our hands on these templates for Save-the-Dates and I LOVE them! (Click on photos above to see full frame.) We can design them for you, or you can tell us which photo is your favorite and we’ll plug it into each design.

I’d like to take credit for these amazing locations, but I can’t. Q and Sam gave us a list of places they’d like to visit during out sessions and we were blown away. I wish I could display the first photo wall size for everyone so you can get the full effect of awesomeness!

Lindsay and I took these photos before taking off to get married in Mexico. We were really excited, but couldn’t process them before we left, there was just no time. Getting back to work after a vacation is really hard, but I couldn’t wait to get started and I’m sure you can see why. LOOK. HOW. BEAUTIFUL!

I woke up this morning thinking about how lucky we are. Which is funny for me, because when it rains, I’m usually depressed (we’ll never be able to move to Portland). My pleasant thoughts persisted and I caught myself smiling. We get to photograph engagements, weddings, kids, families, and an occasional restaurant, clothing company

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Artistry & Inspiration