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Our maiden voyage in our new Casita Travel Trailer was a huge success! Being wedding photographers who also own an event space has been such a gift in our lives, but for the past seven or so months, it’s been a curse. Who could have anticipated a virus would change our lives so dramatically? We […]

More than not, our couples tell us they don’t like being photographed. The exact words are usually, “I hate being photographed.” We smile and reassure them they just haven’t met the right photographers yet. This is one of those couples. “We don’t know what to do.” “We don’t know how to stand.” “We’ve never had […]

Lindsay was gone visiting family in Oregon and I was invited by Mackenzie to tour Casino Mine Ranch. We became friends working with Mackenzie on a number of occasions where she’s done event styling. I didn’t know she also represented a gorgeous winery in Amador County. I’m not nervous to go places by myself, but […]

Interstate 80 and I have quite an intimate relationship. My grandparents would host the family reunions and driving back and forth from California to Utah was a yearly adventure. I also graduated from BYU in Provo, UT and had a short, but lovely stint in Salt Lake City. There’s a special place in my heart […]

We fell in love with Insight Coffee with our first sweet latte. It’s got a great urban feel, some crazy cool furniture, beautiful light, and last but not least, amazing coffee. Lindsay’s order:Sweet Latte As soon as they start offering coconut milk, I’ll take my regular: Sweet Latte Coconut Milk Half-cafBut until then, I’ll just sip off Lindsay’s and […]

Jeneille and Josh are so dam cute! We got to start this engagement session at their house and it was so cool to get to see all the work they’ve done remodeling it. We wanted to make sure to get some of their house in the photos because this is such a cool time in […]

It is so much fun for us to be able to photograph a baby every three months of her first year. It’s even more fun when her little sister comes along and we get to see both of them together every three months! These two are so sweet and so cute. We were joking with […]

Trisha and Chris came all the way from Florida to have their wedding reception at Beatnik Studios! We are so lucky they found us!!! They met while attending Sac State, fell in love, and moved away. They were married officially a year ago, and they still seem like two little love birds. We took them […]

We photographed this angel last year for her modeling portfolio with straight beautiful soft long hair. She doesn’t really like having curls, so her mom will straighten it for her in the mornings (only takes 45 minutes :). She realized that having curls wasn’t the worste thing ever for her modeling career so I got […]

We have been wanting to photograph Karen since the day we met her, so, thank you Bryan for giving us the chance!!! We are so excited for the two of you and almost just as excited for the two of us because we get to photograph the wedding 😉

Artistry & Inspiration

lumi photography

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