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We were so lucky to be a part of Becca & Corey’s wedding. Becca is the resident wedding planner at Beatnik Studios (our venue), owner of Events By Rebecca, and our friend, making her decision to host her wedding at Beatnik and to hire us to photograph it incredibly humbling. The first four images are […]

More than not, our couples tell us they don’t like being photographed. The exact words are usually, “I hate being photographed.” We smile and reassure them they just haven’t met the right photographers yet. This is one of those couples. “We don’t know what to do.” “We don’t know how to stand.” “We’ve never had […]

During our wedding, I got to walk down the aisle to the song, “Thousand Years”. You know the one…from Twilight. Say what you will, but seeing Lindsay and walking toward our future to those sweet words was one of the most powerful moments in my life. I enjoyed the movies, loved the books, and adored […]

This wedding was flawless. The couple, the family & friends, the venue, the details, all were incredible. The last few photo jobs we’ve had have been so good, it’s made me stop and think about how lucky we are. After the gratitude settles in and I get to enjoy it for a bit, I start […]

When Brittany and Alina told us they were getting married at a Lavender Farm, we couldn’t wait! I didn’t even know we had one close. Turns out Lavender Ridge is located just a few miles outside downtown Reno, NV. And it’s lovely. Photographing mid-day in the sun was something I never wanted to do before […]

Lindsay was gone visiting family in Oregon and I was invited by Mackenzie to tour Casino Mine Ranch. We became friends working with Mackenzie on a number of occasions where she’s done event styling. I didn’t know she also represented a gorgeous winery in Amador County. I’m not nervous to go places by myself, but […]

Some of my favorite quotes are by Coco Chanel. One I can’t help but think about as I remember Madison and Chris’ wedding day is, “A girl should be two things, classy and fabulous.” Madison is clearly both. Each of her choices from where to get ready (The Sawyer Hotel) to her dress, to her […]

An alternative to the signature colors of autumn-inspiration for brides who want to get married in October or November, but want something softer than orange, yellow, and red…

When our brides and grooms tell us they picked and Airbnb to get ready the morning of their wedding, we’re never sure what kind of light we’re going to get. We’re so familiar…

Every time I pick up a film camera, I’m 14 years old again. Dad bought me a Canon A1 when I got into highschool and I was hooked. I didn’t believe

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Artistry & Inspiration